About Me

 Hi there! My name is Amanda, and I am so happy that you are here.

I live in Yarker, Ontario with my boyfriend of 11 years, Mark, and our cat-dog Mackenzie. I love exploring, cats, and rather large amounts of coffee. I am often found in my pyjamas hanging out by the wood stove and eating way too many potato chips.

Since I was young, I have always loved creativity and I have sought to pursue this in every aspect of my life. I graduated from Durham College with an advanced advertising diploma, and also received my interior decorating certification.
While I enjoyed my time at Durham, what I loved most was using my camera.

Photography allows me to combine my passion for creativity with my love for the small things. Life is a wonderful adventure, and its moments move by so quickly – capturing each of them, big or small, is so important.

I love getting to know each one of my clients, and always look forward to meeting new faces. While I live in Yarker, I love traveling in order to capture your life moments. Contact me today to start planning our next adventure.